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4 Must-Have Baits to Catch Big Bass This Fall

Fall is a great time to fish and catch big bass. These are 4 must-have baits that will lead to success.

Leaves change, temperature cools down, and men head to the hunting woods. That is the story of fall, but there are still big bass to be caught and these are the four must-have baits for this fall.

As you know, fall is hunting season. So all those guys who have been hammering the lake all summer long are now gone. This means the fish are going to be less pressured, and there are big fish to be caught.

Bass Fishing HQ runs you through the 4 baits and gives you a solid breakdown of why they will lead to success, where to use them, and what to expect.

The 4 baits that he runs through that you want to have tied on in the fall are a squarebill crankbait, a lipless crankbait, a jig and a buzz bait.

The buzz bait section is interesting. More times than not, cooler weather causes most anglers to put the buzz baits away. Tyler says otherwise. This may be something you want to try this fall.

According to Bass Fishing HQ, with these four lures you will be able to fish nearly any application at your home lake and be able to put a lot of fish in the boat. These baits not only catch a lot of fish but they also catch big fish.

Rig the poles and give it a shot!


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4 Must-Have Baits to Catch Big Bass This Fall