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Book Your Hunt in Mexico: 4 Outfitters That Do It Right

These Mexico outfitters offer some of the best hunting adventures south of the border.

With an abundance of wild ducks and big game species, year-round warm weather, and generous tag limits, Mexico is a sportsman’s paradise. In recent years, the country has become an attractive hunting vacation destination for American sportsman. If you’re looking to book a hunting trip in Mexico, try one of these four Mexico outfitters.

Pichiguila Hunting Club

A wing shooter’s paradise.

Image via Pichiguila Hunting Club

The Pichiguila Hunting Club has some of the best wing shooting in North America. In its 50 year history, the club’s world-class wing shooting has drawn has drawn hunters, celebrities, politicians and royalty from all over the world.

This Mexico outfitter has exclusive access to more than 100,000 acres of marshlands situated between the Pacific and Central Flyways in northwest Mexico. From November to February, these marshes play host to millions of North American ducks and doves. There’s a wide array of waterfowl species at the Pichiguila Hunting Club, including pintails, scaulp, teal and pichiguila, to name a few.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 1.54.08 PM
Image via Pichiguila Hunting Club

The hunting experience at the club is far from your ordinary wing shooting experience. The club’s guides transport clients by airboat to the shooting blinds throughout marshes. These aren’t you’re ordinary blinds either. Hunters shoot from strategically placed wooden platforms standing a foot above the water in the marshes. The airboat pilots stir up flocks in front of the blinds to so that hunters can get a wide range of shooting opportunities.

But it’s not just the world-class wing shooting that makes a trip to the Pichiguila Hunting Club a memorable experience. The club offers chef-prepared gourmet meals, fine wines and a full-service bar in between hunts. The daily menu features traditional Mexican cuisine, grilled meats like suckling pig, and generous samplings of the region’s game and waterfowl species.

Trips to the Pichiguila Hunting Club typically last four days and three nights and include three morning duck hunts and two afternoon hunts. Travel packages include transportation to and from the airport, food and drink, and access to the club’s selection of Benelli and Beretta semi-automatic shotguns. Rooms are double-occupancy, but private rooms are also available, as are golf carts to take hunters to and from the clubhouse.

To book a trip to the Pichiguila Hunting Club or for more information, click here.

Rancho Bernalejo 

High-end hunting in northeast Mexico.

Image via Rancho Bernalejo

This isn’t your grandpa’s hunting lodge…unless your grandpa’s lodge was a five-star luxury spa and resort that overlooked a private lagoon.

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 2.13.50 PM
Image via Rancho Bernalejo

The digs are great, but so is the hunting. Rancho Bernalejo’s hunting leases are teeming with big game like whitetail, mule deer, coues and elk.

The bull elks near Rancho Bernalejo have scored more than 451 points on the Safari International Club (SCI) scale, while whitetail and mule bucks near the ranch can breach 200 SCI points.

The ranch also offers mountain cat and varmint for the taking, and wild turkeys during the spring.

Hunters pursuing trophy elk, mule deer and turkeys hunt with their own personal guide.

The attention to personal detail doesn’t end with the hunt. The ranch’s estate has world-class service and amenities, including eight luxury rooms, a five-star spa, chef prepared meals, bar and game room and outdoor playground for kids. Not to mention, the ranch is conveniently close to the villages of San Miguel de Allende and Rancho Bernalejo – two of northeast Mexico’s most popular cultural centers.

Trips to Rancho Bernalejo include lodging, food and drink and transportation to and from Del Baijo International Airport. The ranch also operates a helicopter taxi service with direct access to and from the clubhouse. All trophies are prepared for taxidermy and transport.

If you have the pocketbook to afford it, this an incredible experience. It’s also a great sell if you’re trying to get your family or partner to come with you on your hunting vacation.

For more information about this Mexico outfitter, click here.

El Chaparral Ranch 

Home to some of North America’s largest trophy mule deer.

Image via El Chaparral Ranch

If you’re looking for the biggest bighorn, whitetail and mule deer in Mexico, this is your destination. El Chaparral Ranch, located in the northeastern Sonora region, lays claim to some of the biggest trophy bucks in North America.

Within the last four years, clients of this Mexico outfitter have taken two of the all-time top three Boone & Crockett mule deer on the ranch. Boone & Crockett’s numero uno bow-hunted muley was harvested on this very ranch back in 2010. The following year, an El Chaparral client took the third largest B&C muley of all time.

Image via El Chaparral Rnach

Both of those record bucks were taken on the ranch’s 45,000 plus acres of hunting land, which is divided into two leases. One is a 13,000-acre managed area, where ranch hands carefully monitor the genetics and feeding habits of trophy deer. The deer here average between 195 to 200 on the B&C scale.

The other hunting lease is a 34,000-acre free-range area where both of the Boone & Crockett record bucks were harvested.

Within the last four years, this Mexico outfitter has produced two top three Boone & Crockett world-record mule deer.

But it’s not just the incredible big game hunting that makes El Chaparral Ranch unique. The guest sits on a hill overlooking the rich landscape. At the ranch, guests enjoy prepared meals, access to horses and four wheelers and first-rate guest room accommodations.

El Chaparral Ranch offers six-day hunts. The package comes with a Mexican hunting license, transport to and from the airport, trophy preparation and lodging. To book your trip with this Mexico outfitter, click here.

Mexico Backroads 

A wide array of hunting trips in northeast and northwest Mexico.

Image via Mexico Backroads

This Mexico outfitter has an extensive network of guided hunting trips throughout northwest and northeast Mexico. Trips include hunts for deer, mountain lion, exotic game, bighorn and varmint, all while hunting from towers, ground blinds and high-rack vehicles.

This Mexico outfitter runs a few hunting trips that are close to the US border. The outfitter runs trips on private ranch lands in the Lamposas and Acuna regions, just hours south of the border. Both of these ranches offer up some excellent whitetail and mule deer hunting.

Mexico Backroads also operates big game fishing trips in Baja and Los Cabos, as well as guided birdwatching in northeastern Mexico.

Image via Mexico Backroads

Guide hunting trips are also available further south in the Villagran and Allende regions. Here, the outfitter runs guided hunting trips for exotic game animals, including sable, gemsbock, buffalo, red stag and many more, as well whitetail and varmint. The Villagran and Allende trips each last six nights and include accommodations at hunting lodges, haciendas and hunting trailers throughout the region.

Guided waterfowl hunting trips run from November to March, when shooter have ample opportunities to hunt pintail, spoonbill, teal, gadwall, wigeon and pichiguila. Waterfowl hunting trips include three morning and afternoon hunts and lodging at an estate.

Big game, varmint and waterfowl hunting trip group sizes range from 6-15 people. Most of the trips are open from August to late February, but spot and stalk hunting trips for coues deer take place year round.

For more information about booking a Mexico hunting trip with Mexico Backroads, visit their website.

Featured image via Mexico Backroads

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Book Your Hunt in Mexico: 4 Outfitters That Do It Right