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4 of the Most Intense Hunts Ever Caught on Film [VIDEO]

After watching 4 of the most intense hunts ever caught on film, your heart will be pumping and ready for deer season.

With technological improvements, more and more people are able to capture their intense hunts on film. Lucky for us, we get to see the jam-packed action practically first-hand.

Check out four of the most intense hunts ever caught on film.

Young kid will never forget this elk hunt.

Elk hunting is intense enough. But when you are only 13 and staring down a mature bull elk with a bow, the experience is definitely intensified. This video has gained popularity in the past year and it’s for good reason; this hunt is extremely intense.

World record brown bear shot at five yards.

Once again, archery makes hunts way more intense. This hunter had good judgment and didn’t panic. That’s a lot easier said than done. The bear was harvested on the Alaskan Peninsula and is a world record.

Compilation of amazing hunting shots.

This video is jam-packed full of action and intense moments. These hunters worked long and hard for this moment and here is a compilation of those moments compiled for viewing pleasure.

Elk hunt at 1 yard.

This video is simply amazing. I wonder what was going through the hunter’s mind? That is a once-in-a-lifetime elk encounter. It’s too bad he was that close and couldn’t fill his tag.

These four intense hunting videos are exceptional. Now it’s time to dial in the bow and get ready for your intense hunting moment.

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4 of the Most Intense Hunts Ever Caught on Film [VIDEO]