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4 Hunting Books for You and Your Kids

Make the most of story time with these children's  hunting books. 

There's nothing like reading your child a bedtime story; it's a great opportunity to bond and teach them a valuable life lesson before they drift off into slumberland.

After busy days with school and work this time should be treated as a sacred moment between parents and children, when all the cares of the world fade away and imaginative growth can take its place. Use this occasion to teach them something meaningful and profound, like hunting.

1. Hunters of the Great Forest by Dennis Nolan (2014)

This wordless book depicts the adventure of a small band of hunters on an unlikely hunt. Ideal for ages three to seven, this story wows its audience with imaginative illustrations as they watch the hunters conquer obstacles, big and small, on the way to their ultimate goal. Buy from Amazon or support your local book store.


2. Oh A-Hunting We Will Go by John Landstaff (1991)

Join in on fun hunting adventures as the characters of this classic book go out looking for all kinds of animals. The rhyming words of the book have made it both fun and educational for audiences over the years, and it is recommended for ages four to nine. Buy from Amazon or at your local book store.


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3. Deer Hunting with Daddy by Jenna Johnston (2013)

This book is about a young boy and his first time going deer hunting with his father. Enjoy with children between the ages of four and nine for an inspiring take on a coming-of-age tradition, relatable to any hunting family. Buy from Amazon or try your local book store.


4. We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen (1993)

A beautifully illustrated story about a family looking for a bear, this book is great for children ages three to seven. Reading this story will be entertaining, as you and your little ones can relish in the important lessons about wildlife. Get here at Amazon or see if your local bookstore carries it.


Enjoy these books, designed to bring out the little hunter in all of us.


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4 Hunting Books for You and Your Kids