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4 Great Videos of Kids Having Fun Turkey Hunting Without Turkeys

You can do every single thing right when introducing your youngsters to the field, and still never see a turkey.

That?s why it?s important to sit back, relax, and let the sweet moments of spending time together just happen. Yes, bagging a gobbler on a turkey hunt is the end goal, but is it really more important than seeing their faces light up just by having fun?

Here are the four best videos of kids having fun turkey hunting without turkeys to inspire your next trip out to the blind.

1. She was destined to be a turkey caller.

This little girl and her dad are out waiting for the turkeys to come when she decides to give her own call a test run. While they may not have called in a gobbler, this pair will always have this video of a daughter trying to be just like her dad.

2. With a call like that, the turkeys will be around soon.

This 11-year-old has a better voice caller than most of our adult hunter friends. I?m sure a turkey is lurking around there, fooled by his amazing skills.

3. There?s not a turkey in this video, but there sure is a coyote.

Just because you might not spot what you came for on your first hunt with your kid, that doesn?t mean there won?t be a few exciting encounters along the way. Like this youth, who went out for turkey, and ended up with a coyote instead.

4. This girl might have missed her first turkey sighting, but she?s enjoying the day.

While Kendre might have snored a bit during her first turkey hunt, you can tell she?s really enjoying time out in the blind with her dad. Just look at that big smile!

These videos show that you don?t need to spot a turkey to have an awesome day hunting your with your youngster, you just need to have a good attitude and roll with the punches, even if your little trooper falls asleep on you.

Don’t forget to check out the Turkey Roost over at Cabela’s, where you can get your fix of gear, info, and more.



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4 Great Videos of Kids Having Fun Turkey Hunting Without Turkeys