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4 Great Deer Decoys You Should Try This Year [VIDEOS]

Flambeau Outdoors

Step up your game this year by drawing deer in closer with these different whitetail decoys. 

Getting game as close as possible offers up the best and cleanest shots while hunting. This is especially true when bowhunting when long distance shots are often out of the question. One very under-utilized way of doing this is setting out deer decoys.

Most people don’t like to use decoys while deer hunting because, until recent years, decoys used to be very large, heavy, and expensive. Hunters didn’t feel the payoff was worth dragging them out and wasting the extra time to set them up and take them down.

Thanks to leaps in technology this just isn’t the case anymore. The latest decoys are lighter, easier to setup, cost less, and are available in a wide variety of styles. Here are four different ones you should seriously consider adding to your gear when trying to draw in that trophy buck.

Violator Hunting Decoys Inflatable

This new inflatable, Violator Hunting decoys got a lot of attention at the 2015 ATA show. You simply drop it where you want it and within 60 seconds deploy it into action. It is lightweight at only seven pounds and operates with a super quiet fan that runs on a rechargeable battery.

The best part is it is capable of producing lifelike movements. Various settings allow you to place it in a bedded/feeding position or completely upright that you control with a remote from your stand or blind.

The movement generated from changing its position is going to draw more attention than a decoy that just sits there.

Price: $199.95

Montana Decoy Dreamy Doe 2-D Decoy

This life size 2-D decoy from Montana Decoy is sure to draw attention from other deer. The high-definition image is printed on both sides of a cotton/polyester blended fabric to ensure it will always be seen no matter how it is approached.

It is quickly pops out into a 37-inch x 40-inch decoy that sits up on stakes. When you are done it can be taken down in minutes and tucked back into your bag.

At 30 ounces it is definitely the lightest option when it comes to decoys and folds up small enough to allow you to carry several if you wanted a herd setup. This is also available in a buck form.

Price: $69.99

Flambeau Master Series Flocked Boss Buck 3-D Decoy

This full size 3-D decoy from Flambeau Outdoors sets the stage for realism. Its flocked body gives it the appearance of real hair but keeps the noise of transporting it to a minimum. Its twist-locking ensures quick and stable setup in the field.

The best part is that all the body pieces fit inside the body of the buck and it comes with two clip-on straps to carry it around like a backpack. You will pay for the realism with weight though, compared to the previous two options, as you lug the 22.5 pounds in and out of the field.

Price: $271.69

Tail Trick Rut and Feeding Deer Decoys

This decoy from Tail Trick uses simulated body language ques to lure bucks into coming closer to check them out.

A small motor moves the tail every 15 seconds triggering other deer that it’s safe to be out and join them. Bucks tend to hang around them longer as they investigate to see what sex the deer signaling to them is, allowing you to have more time to line up your shot.

This is an interesting concept that looks to have a successful backing from customers.  

Price: $44.99

Keep these decoys in mind as deer season quickly approaches. They may be the key to luring that big buck out of hiding and right up to your stand for an excellent shot that you might have otherwise missed out on.

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4 Great Deer Decoys You Should Try This Year [VIDEOS]