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4 Fishing Gifts for the Tech-Savvy Angler

Do you have an angler in your family that is technology-savvy and ready for some new gadgets? 

Fishing equipment has kept up with the technology wave of the 21st Century. If your angler is still living in the 20th Century, then maybe it’s time to get some high-tech gadgets to make his or her life a bit easier.

Here are four things to get the technology wizard in your family for their next fishing trip.

1. Garmin Echo 301 dv Fishfinder

The new depth finder from Garmin is small, affordable and very powerful. The Echo 301 has super clear sonar picture as deep as 1,500 feet, includes water temperature, and flips back and forth smoothly from depth range scales. You definitely get lots of bang for your buck.

Get one from Bass Pro for $214.99.


2. Aqua-Vu AV Micro 5c Underwater Camera

The Aqua-Vu camera is about the size of your iPhone but is one mighty piece of technology. It can run up to eight hours on a single charge and takes super clear photography underwater. So when something looks fishy on your fish finder you can send the Aqua-Vu down for a clear look. It comes with 50 feet of camera cable and a five-inch LCD monitor.

Get one from Bass Pro for $399.99.


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3. A Year Subscription to Fishidy

Eliminate unproductive water and fish smarter with Fishidy! Find detailed fishing maps, hot spots, and forecasts while logging your activity on Fishidy’s mobile app to help you confidently catch more fish and have more fun. Anyone can join now for free, but if you use promo code WOSGIFT you’ll get 25% off a premium subscription to unlock even more advanced fish-finding tools!



4. SPOT™ Trace Motion-Activated Tracking Device

The SPOT Trace Motion-Activated Tracking Device will make you feel more secure. It has built in vibration sensors and sends GPS locations when it detects movement. That means if someone drives away from the dock on your boat, you’ll know immediately. You can check on your boat online anytime to see if your baby is safe.

Get this theft-alert SPOT tracker from Bass Pro for $99.99.


These gifts would make any tech-savvy angler happy to unwrap and make any old-fashioned fisherman happy to join the gadget age.

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4 Fishing Gifts for the Tech-Savvy Angler