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4 Easy Ways to Get Fit for Fishing or Hunting

Here are four easy ways to get fit and prepared for hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities.

Long walks early in the morning, tromping through miles of sludge, back loaded with gear, fighting the elements, long hot days in the sun, and endless miles of scouting.

Sound daunting? Well, that’s the life of a sportsman.

More on Fitness and the Outdoors

More on Fitness and the OutdoorsDo Hunters and Anglers Need To Be Fit?

Yet, we sportsmen take to the woods and water almost every weekend, battling adverse conditions in order to experience life in its most exciting and primitive form.

When considering the abuse we put ourselves through, it makes sense that sportsmen should be taking extra care of their bodies with diet and exercise.

By nature, we generally hate being cooped up inside. So, how can we get in shape and still maintain that childish spirit of adventure?

By training outside, that’s how. I have compiled four outdoor activities that will get us off the couch, in the woods, create some fun and get ourselves fit.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is one sport that brings out the child in all of us. It can seem intimidating at first with all the gear, specific brands, and lingo, but when you peel away the layers of marketing and jargon, you’re left with the simplicity of pedaling.

An entry-level bike can be had for a few hundred bucks and will have you tearing up the trails tomorrow. Mountain biking trails can be found all across the country and are usually pretty easy to locate and access.

Before you know it you’ll be 30 pounds lighter, climbing a ridge with your gear like a mountain goat. Mountain biking is a great exercise that makes training feel like play.

Trail Running

Trail running is a less expensive alternative to biking. I took it up a couple years ago to prepare for an adventure race and never looked back.

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It is amazing change of pace for those sick of the treadmills and the sidewalks. Trail running has much lower barriers than all other outdoor sports, and the time flies while following a trail through the woods. Trail running is another great way to get in shape for your next outdoors adventure.

Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding has really exploded in popularity in recent years. Like the other sports listed, it is also a great way to workout with out stepping foot in a gym. They make paddle boards of all shapes and sizes, and some can be rigged up with rod holders and all sorts of other trinkets.

It makes for a great work out on the water and you can even wet the hook while you’re at it, this makes for a unique fishing opportunity.


Kayaking, like paddle boarding, has also grown in popularity in recent years with new kayak fishing tournament series and an enormous selection of kayaks on the market.

You can find a kayak for nearly any situation. Kayaking is another outdoor sport that keeps you out of the gym, in shape, and in nature.

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Kayak fishing tests the fisherman’s skill and personal stamina seeming much more like a sport than just a past time. This movement could have a huge positive impact on the health of fishermen as a whole.

These sports are great ways to improve your stamina, focus, fitness, and overall health while continuing to enjoy the outdoors. When you’re not huffing and puffing you’re spending more time after your game.

Check into these fun, fit, family friendly activities and, hey, the spouse might just take notice of your newfound physique.

If you need any help getting started, I’m honored to lend some advice. Reach out in the comments and ask me anything.

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4 Easy Ways to Get Fit for Fishing or Hunting