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4 Easy DIY Fire Starters to Pack with You on the Trail [PICS]

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Do you sometimes struggle to start a fire when camping? Try these fire starters for an easy solution.

A campfire during your campout should be a requirement. It serves many purposes such as warmth, light, and a tool for cooking. If you are unable to easily start a fire, your time in the wilderness can be a frustrating one.

Try these easy fire starters for your next camp out. They might just make things a little easier.

1. Lint with Toilet Paper Rolls.

These are easily made with material you more than likely have at home on any given day. Simply shove the lint into the empty toilet paper roll. These easily ignite making your fire starting efforts worry free.
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2. Old Wine Corks

This is an easy way to reuse old corks. Simply place several corks in a mason jar and add 90% rubbing alcohol. Allow the corks to sit for at least a week before using.
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3. Vaseline-Soaked Cotton Balls

This method is very simple and compact for carrying. Simply work the vaseline into cotton balls and store in a container or plastic bag.

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4. Potato Chips

Greasy potato chips are surprisingly highly flammable. You can use a few chips as kindling to get your fire started. Chips like Doritos and Frito corn chips work very well. You can sprinkle some in your fire pit, then eat the rest.

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There are many traditional and nontraditional ways to start a campfire. Thinking outside of the box and trying these easy DIY methods might just make your fire starting experience a bit more fun.


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4 Easy DIY Fire Starters to Pack with You on the Trail [PICS]