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4 DIY Fishing Projects You Can Make While There's Snow on the Ground

FIX Studios

Unless you're an avid ice fisherman or you live where the water doesn't freeze over every winter, chances are you don't get out fishing much in the winter.

For the obsessed angler, though, these winter months are the bane of one's existence. Sure, there are lots of ways to combat the winter angling blues. You could take up fly tying, or you could start here with this infographic and try your hand at one of these four DIY fishing projects.

The friendly team over at FIX Studios has once again blown our minds with their ingenuity detailing these four DIY fishing projects. All of these projects feature household or hardware store items that are easy to find.


A quick overview? Well, okay. So the first project features a pallet rod rack, which would obviously look great in the angler cave or the garage.

The second of the DIY fishing projects shows you how to make your own bottle cap fishing lures. Again, this project is so simple that it actually costs less than a dollar to make one lure. Music to the ears of any angler who is known among their buddies as the one who always loses lures.

The third project would make a great gift that adds some creative flair to fly boxes. Grab your favorite mint tin, and follow these directions to craft your own fly box. The benefit? It holds a day's worth of flies, which will keep your favorite angler from over-packing and being left to ask themselves at the shoreline, "Which one should I throw today?"

The fourth and final of these DIY fishing projects is the way to craft a safety pink hook organizer, which is also a brilliant addition to any tackle box.

Don't let winter cramp your fishing style! Head out to your workbench or your kitchen table and get to it!

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4 DIY Fishing Projects You Can Make While There's Snow on the Ground