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4 Crucial Treestand Accessories for This Fall


Trick out your treestand for this bow season, it might just make all the difference.

Let's face it, when you're trying to kill a monster buck, you need to have everything in the right place at the right time to tip the odds in your favor.

Therefore, having the right treestand accessories in the right place this season could lead to you taking the perfect shot at the buck of a lifetime.

Check out these four awesome accessories that will help you seal the deal with a monster this season.

1. Speed Retract Hoist Reel

treestand accessories
Hawk Hunting

Us bowhunters carry a lot of gear to the treestand every hunt. From backpacks to rangefinders, we simply have a lot of stuff to get up into the stand each time.

The Speed Hoist from Hawk is a real winner when it comes to pulling things up to your stand. Like a heavy duty fishing reel, this hoist can help reel up to 40 pounds of gear at one time, which is more than we should all be carrying anyway!

2. Team Realtree EZ Hanger

treestand accessories

The EZ hanger from Realtree has been out on the market for quite sometime now and for good reason. When it comes to holding gear and your bow while up in the treestand, the EZ Hanger will meet the challenge time and time again.

With a built in screw on one end, attaching it to the tree next to your stand is easy to do in a matter of seconds. Do yourself a favor and pick up a 3 pack and leave them in your favorite spots for quick setup.

3. Ozonics HR 300

Ozonics, treestand accessories
Ozonics Hunting

When it comes to scent control, the team at Ozonics has got it all figured out with the HR 300.

With an easy tree attachment, the HR 300 will help immediately eliminate human odor so you won't ever have to worry about hunting the wind direction ever again.

Equipped with a super quiet fan inside, this ozone machine helps to destroy your scent when it sounds like it's not even on. Outstanding product for the avid bowhunter.

4. Single Person Blind Kit

treestand accessories

Ladder stands are great, but sometimes they just don't get you high enough up into a tree to remain out of a deers line of sight. That's where the Blind Kit from X-stand can help... a lot.

Designed to fit around several of their ladder stands, this kit will help cover the bottom portion of your body and protect you from getting busted by an incoming buck. Available in DZX camo, you'll feel like your in a pop-up blind rather than a treestand this fall. It's a must have for a ladder stand.

No matter how high your treestands are hung this season, be sure to always wear a treestand harness to protect you from a potential fall. Keep in mind that many of the harnesses available to hunters are now designed with comfort in mind, so they won't get in your way when you're drawing your bow back.

Stay safe this season and happy hunting.

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4 Crucial Treestand Accessories for This Fall