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4 Crossbows Under $500

The crossbows for under $500 will get by just fine.

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Bowhunting has changed quite a bit over the last several years. Speed, accuracy, and ease of use have all become standard features on every new bow offered.

This includes crossbows that were once so heavy and bulky they were almost impossible to carry and use effectively. Technology and innovation has given today's crossbowhunters a distinct advantage by offering them weapons they can carry and shoot that are powerful, light, and accurate.

The following list of quality crossbows for under $500 has been compiled to prove the point that finding a good crossbow at a reasonable price is relatively easy to do. All it takes is a little knowledge of what you want from your weapon and a little cash in your pocket. With $500 or less, you can be sitting pretty in your stand holding a quality crossbow while you wait for that nice buck to show up.

View the slideshow to see our favorites, and pick your own in the comments below.

Ten Point Wicked Ridge Warrior HL

Ten Point's Wicked Ridge Warrior HL is super lightweight at 7 pounds but still heavily packed with power as it shoots bolts at 300 fps.

Precision CNC-machined aluminum wheels and a 175 pound draw weight offer shooters a stable bow with enough force behind it to take down game easily. The Warrior only costs around $399, but you get a serious contender at that price. Ten Point is known for quality crossbows and the Wicked Ridge Warrior HL is no exception.

Carbon Express X-Force 454

The Carbon Express X-Force 454 is a little heavier than the previously mentioned crossbows at 8.42 pounds. However, it offers improved portability and maneuverability with an overall length of only 33.25 inches compared to the other longer, bulkier crossbows.

Carbon-infused limbs and a durable cast riser with premium alloy cams sets give this crossbow an exceptional performance rating. With a price of only $499, the Carbon Express X-Force 454 is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants power (345 fps) without the aggravation of excessive length.

Parker Challenger

The Parker Challenger is technically considered a youth-sized crossbow. However, don't let that tag fool you. The Challenger offers man-sized performance in youth-sized bow.

Weighing in at only 5.5 pounds with a draw weight of only 125 - 150 pounds, the Challenger still manages to shoot a bolt at 300 fps. With an overall length of only 31.75 inches, this feisty little crossbow is perfect for women or young hunters who want power without the awkward weight or length of other comparable crossbows.

It doesn't hurt that this little bulldog only costs around $449 - not bad for a crossbow that effectively competes with other crossbows priced much higher.

Barnett Penetrator

The Barnett Penetrator weighs in at 8.6 pounds, making it slightly heavier than some of the other crossbows listed here. However, with the added weight comes a 175 pound draw weight, and a shooting speed of 350 fps.

The stock is made of lightweight composite material and the crossbow is designed with a thumbhole grip and vented quad limbs that ensure a better hold and more stability. The package comes with a quiver and three 20-inch arrows included. With a price tag of only $499, this is a great beginner or budget bow with plenty of power to bring down a large animal.

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4 Crossbows Under $500