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4 Boat Types for 4 Different Kinds of Anglers

Bank fishing is great and all, but those lunker fish you’re searching for can sometimes only be reached by heading out to the middle of lake.

While some people would say you’re better off renting a boat, the true fisherman knows that is just a load of baloney. Just like waders offer an advantage to hit those spots smack dab in the middle of a stream or river, a boat gives you the same access with a little more power behind it. Listen, there’s a reason the Bassmaster Classic takes place using boats.

So you’ve finally held out this long, and you can’t wait anymore. You’re in the market for your own boat. Before heading out and buying any ol’ capsule, first visit Cabela’s Boat Center to learn a little bit more about the kind of boat that’s right for you. After all, they’re the one of the largest dealers of watercraft for a reason.

Determining your ideal boat also means determining what kind of angler you are, or what kind of fish you most enjoy hooking into. Searching your location and ideal fishing destination through Cabela’s Tackle Shop will help illuminate some of your options, too. We don’t like to put labels on things, either, but making this decision will be key in selecting the boat type that works for you.

1. The minimalist and the kayak

oldtownkayakCabela’s/Old Town Predator MX

Kayak fishing is one of the most intimate fishing experiences you can get yourself into as an angler. Only inches from the water, you’ll start to understand more about the movement of fish and the perfect way to cast your bait so it lands naturally. The downside? Well, kayak fishing is for the angler who takes minimal gear out with them. While there may be room for your entire tackle box, keep in mind that you’ll need space to maneuver should a fish put up a big fight.

If you think the kayak is your best bet and have tight areas around you that you’d love to get into for fishing, then head over to Cabela’s kayak selection and start deciding. Remember to ask yourself the immortal question: can you handle a day fishing with only the bare necessities?

2. The entertainer and the pedal boat

paddleboatCabela’s/Sun Slider Pedal Boat with Canopy

Before you knock the pedal boat, remember that there are hundreds of lakeside attractions in the U.S. that sell rides for a ridiculous price. Why would anyone want to fish from a pedal boat? Well, the entertainment factor of a pedal boat alone is enough to make for an awesome fishing trip out with your fishing buddy. If you’re more into the idea of having a good time while casually fishing, then the pedal boat is definitely for you.

Cabela’s has an amazing selection of pedal boats that can help this dream become a reality. All you’ve have to do is pack a lunch, grab your sweetheart, and head out for a day of fun in the sun.

3. The adventurer and the float tube

floattubeCabela’s/Outcast Fat Cat Float Tube

If you’re the type of angler who always ends up staring at the water wishing you could jump in for a cool down, then the float tube is exactly what you need in your fishing life. The float tube is an easy way to once again become one with the fish, and you’ll find that being in the water will actually help you understand the movement of your own lures.

If you know that you’ll be dying to hop in the water this summer, check out float tubes now from Cabela’s and start trying on your best swimsuits.

4. The traditionalist and the pontoon boat

pontoonCabela’s/Classic Accessories Colorado XTS Pontoon with Swivel Seat

Pontoon boats have and always will be a classic option for anglers looking to purchase a boat without worrying about a motor. Better yet, an inflatable pontoon boat will allow you to store the thing neatly in the winter months so you won’t have to ruin space in your garage. A pontoon boat is perfect for the traditional angler because it provides all of the benefits of owning a boat without making the leap to own an actual boat.

Are you sold on the pontoon boat? If so, head on over to Cabela’s selections to decide exactly which pontoon boat is right for you.



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4 Boat Types for 4 Different Kinds of Anglers