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4 Blind Hunting Tactics For Turkeys

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Using a variety of blind hunting tactics for turkeys can make or break your turkey season.

Turkey hunting can be tricky. Without the use of tree stands to put you on a different level than your prey, you have to look for other ways to hide from the excellent vision of the wild turkey.US-HUNTING-TEAM-mrec

A hunting blind is usually one of the first answers for wild turkey hunters. But just having a blind is not good enough, you also have to have a good plan for how to use it.

Check out these four different set ups for turkey hunting from a blind.

1. Set up your blind at a fly-down zone

While the roost may change from season to season, it generally stays the same or very close for the entirety of one season. If you can figure out where the turkeys are roosting, you can usually figure out where they fly down in the mornings.

Like the roost, the fly-down zone will usually remain fairly consistent and if you can figure out where it is, you have a great idea of where to set up your blind for a successful hunt.

2. Set up on a food plot

Deer are not the only game that enjoy food plots. Whether a generic plot, or something like chufa specifically for the turkeys, they can help harvest a gobbler.

Just as with any other hunting blind set up, try to brush in your blind as best as possible. It doesn’t matter how good the food plot is, if there is a new object in the center of it that wasn’t there yesterday, you are probably not going to be successful.

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3. Hunt decoys

Decoys are great to use when hunting from a ground blind, especially if you are on the edge of a field. Just set up your blind in the edge of the woods and place a couple of feeding hen decoys a little ways out in the field.

Then you can do a little enticing calling and the turkeys should come strutting right up to you.

4. Hunt trails

If you are the type of hunter who enjoys spending all day in the woods, setting up on a trail for an ambush can be the most successful blind hunting tactic for you. Find out where turkeys are moving and then hide your blind along a trail and wait.

This strategy can test your patience as it is usually done without any decoys or calling. Just pick your spot, wait, and shoot.

These are just a few of many strategies that can be employed in the pursuit of the wild turkey. Give them a shot this season and see what you think. You might be surprised by what you find.

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4 Blind Hunting Tactics For Turkeys