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3 of the Best New Bows From the 2015 ATA Show [VIDEO]

Who made the most waves at this year’s ATA Show?

The Archery Trade Association (ATA) annual trade show is the largest archery convention in the country. Held this year in Indianapolis, Indiana, all sorts of manufacturers use the show to reveal new archery or bowhunting-related products.

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Wide Open Spaces has already reported on several exciting new products from the ATA Show, including new products by Parker Archery, BowTech Archery, and YETI Coolers. Here are a few other products that you don’t want to miss, and some that, while they may have already been introduced, definitely made some waves.

1. Excalibur Matrix Grizzly Cub


BowTech Archery recently acquired Excalibur crossbows, and the results are already promising. The first bow built entirely on the new “Matrix” platform, the Grizzly Cub is designed for youth or small-framed shooters. The Grizzly Cub features a 190-pound draw weight, and is rated at 285 fps, yet weighs in at less than six pounds. While designed for smaller-statured shooters, it’s a serious piece of equipment.

2. Excalibur Matrix Grizzly

Image via Bowhunters Superstore  
Image via Bowhunters Superstore  


The big brother of the Grizzly Cub, the Matrix Grizzly replaces both the Axiom and the Ibex in the Excalibur lineup, and is built with the traditional Excalibur “chassis” and new “Matrix” front end. It’s 200-pound draw weight ensures arrow speeds up to 305 fps, and its less-than-$600 price tag ensure it’s accessible for any crossbow hunter.

3. BowTech Prodigy

Image via Outdoor Hub  


Although it was introduced well in advance of the ATA Show, the new Prodigy from BowTech still made noise. The Prodigy features BowTech’s new Powershift Technology, which allows archers to change the feel of the bow. With a turn of a screw, the Prodigy can be transformed from a screaming speed machine to a quiet, pleasant-shooting hunting machine… or a combination of both. Never before have archers been able to have three bows in one.

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3 of the Best New Bows From the 2015 ATA Show [VIDEO]