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4 Best Hunting Boots for This Deer Season

Irish Setter Boots

Don’t wait for this deer season to look for a new pair of hunting boots, the best are right here.

Looking for a new pair of hunting boots can be a funny thing. Over the last number of seasons, they’ve become part of your life, have gotten you through countless hunts and are nearly as comfortable as house slippers. At this point, you’re probably torn on whether to go one more season with the ones you have or to look for a new pair.

Though it might be tough to fall in love with a brand new set of boots right off the bat, these boots will keep you comfortable throughout this deer season.

1. Best lightweight boots

hunting boots, irish setter boots
Irish Setter Boots

Early season hunts require us to be flexible with our gear. The weather can go from hot and dry to cool and wet in a matter of days. To stay comfortable in the woods during the early season, check out the Vaprtrek boot from Irish Setter.

These boots are super lightweight, waterproof and help to keep scent from escaping during your hunt. It’s an outstanding boot for backcountry hiking or the treestand.

2. Best gun season boot

hunting boots, danner boots
Danner Boots

By the time that gun season rolls around, the pleasant weather of the fall has just about disappeared. The skies turn to grey, the snow starts to fall and the wind will cut you like a knife. For long cold sits in the deer stand this gun season, check out the 8-inch Pronghorn boot from Danner.

Designed for wicked weather, this boot will keep you warm this season without weighing you down. With 1,200 grams of Thinsulate insulation and leather throughout the exterior, there isn’t any day of weather that will stop you from getting out into the woods. Perfect boots from opening day all the way through muzzleloader season.

3. Best rubber hunting boot

hunting boots, irish setter boots
Irish Setter Boots

When the warm weather rolls through bow season, scent control plays a big part in whether you’ll see a shooter big buck or not. To help contain scent and stay waterproof all day, take a look at the Rutmaster 2.0 boot from Irish Setter.

Unlike traditional rubber boots, the Rutmaster 2.0 was built with function and comfort in mind. Featuring ExoFlex technology, these boots are easy to slip on and off and make traditional rubber hunting boots look silly. Perfect boots for the serious bowhunter.

4. Best Winter Hunting Boot

best hunting boots, hunting boots, rocky boots
Rocky Boots

When the late hunting season hits, short morning hunts can seem like an all day sit. To help combat those harsh weather conditions, consider the Blizzardstalker Pro from Rocky Boots. Designed to keep your feet toasty despite the worst winter conditions, this boot will hold up to it’s promise on every hunt.

With rubber all the way around the lower portion of the boot and a sole designed for snow, you’ll be able to conquer snow covered ridges with ease. An excellent choice for those hunting in the coldest climates this deer season.

Remember to wear your new boots every chance you have before this deer season opens. For added warmth this season, consider a pair of sock liners to add another layer within your new favorite boots.

Good luck out these this season!



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4 Best Hunting Boots for This Deer Season