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How to Fix the Holes in Your 3D Archery Target [VIDEO]

Tim Kjellesvik

Bring your dead 3D target back to life with this quick fix in a can.

3D targets take a lot of abuse, especially during the summer. Thousands of arrows pounding their way into the vitals section make your once solid 3D foam buck look more like a Swiss cheese zombie deer.

When you're getting pass through on your shots, it's time for a little doctoring. Thankfully the technique in this video is both easy and affordable; all you need is a can of gap filler foam (and some spray paint if you want to maintain the realism of your target).

Easy as that. Your target won't be brand new, but you'll have extended its life long enough to save up a few bucks for your next backyard arrow stopper.

For more DIY fun, check out this video on making your own archery target.

Now that you've nursed your 3D target back to life, go put some more holes in it!

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How to Fix the Holes in Your 3D Archery Target [VIDEO]