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3D Shoots: How to Last Until Archery Season Opening [PICS]

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Are you pining for archery season? 3D shoots can help. 

Roughly four more months, 120-ish days, or 2,880 hours. That is the time archery hunters across the country have to count down until the September 1 holiday that is opening morning.

By now many bowhunters’ practice regimes are hammered out and becoming second nature. Fitness measures are being ramped up with summer backpack or scouting trips blocked out on the calendar.

The haul from last fall is diminishing as can be evidenced by the larger amount of cold air and smaller stacks of venison steaks, elk burger, and pronghorn sausage in the freezer. As if pouring jet fuel on an already stoked fire, states are releasing draw results kicking fall planning into overdrive.

Yet, roughly four more months, 120-ish days, 0r 2,880 hours lay ahead before an arrow can be nocked, drawn and released.

How does the archery hunter appease this drive to test their skills? The answer is more accessible, affordable, and satisfying than one might expect: 3D shoots.

With local archery clubs popping up all over this country, chances are you are closer to a group of folks with similar goals and mindsets than you might have originally thought. With variations of scoring formats, obstacles, and targets the experience you can have at these shoots will always be unique.

Entrance fees should be expected as, at worst, maintenance expenses need to be accounted for by the host club. Most of these events are family friendly and will include youth divisions that cater to the next generation of hunters and huntresses.

Availability of venues may mean your shoot takes place in an indoor riding arena or community civic center. Additionally, you could find your nearest 3D shoot traverses the hillsides, dense hardwoods, or open prairies surrounding your community. Regardless, the opportunity to send arrows down range on lifelike targets with dozens of your newest friends is an opportunity worth seizing.

It would be easy to argue that static targets are no comparison to the real deal and that argument would predominately hold. When the summer season still lies before you and all your spring tags have been filled, a 3D shoot, either fun or competitive, can help fill that time while providing a great experience that will help sharpen your skills.

Check out your local sporting goods store, archery shop, and social media feed to locate, and eventually participate in, this growing off-season event.

All photos by Lost Arrow Archers

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3D Shoots: How to Last Until Archery Season Opening [PICS]