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This 3D Printer Builds Houses out of Mud [VIDEO]

The project, developed by 3D printer company WASP, offers the ultimate in sustainable living using locally-sourced materials.

This 3D printer is 20 feet tall and is capable of building houses in remote rural regions using inexpensive, readily available materials like mud and wool.

Italian 3D printer company WASP showcased the printer at Maker Faire Rome in early May, and company CEO Massimo Moretti demonstrates it in the video below.

Builders can assemble the three-armed printer onsite in two hours. They then fill the machine with native mud and fiber, such as wool, to create a clay-like paste.

This 3D printer has a distinct advantage over other home-building printers on the market, because builders can move and assemble it quickly. This means they can inexpensively build homes in rural or remote regions.

Currently, the printer can build homes to almost 10 feet high. When the mud dries, it creates sturdy, sustainable shelters with strong foundations.

WASP does not have official plans to start building soon, but Moretti stated they might build the first house in Sardinia in 2016.

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This 3D Printer Builds Houses out of Mud [VIDEO]