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3D-Printed Shotgun Slugs of the Future Will Blow Your Mind

shotgun slugs

Yes, you really can 3D-print your own shotgun slugs. And they’re surprisingly effective.

It seems like a thing of the future, but these 70 cal. bronze-filled shotgun slugs were created from a 3D printer.

And they’re nearly as deadly and accurate as a normal slug. Check out this wild video.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the 3D printing process, a computer-guided device adds material in successive layers to create the final three-dimensional product. You can see from the video that the shotgun slugs have what looks to be layers or lines going across it.

These slugs were created by using bronze-infused plastic filament for some extra heft.

As mentioned in the video, they are two inches long and weigh about 21 grams apiece. Loaded into a 12 gauge bird shot shell, the shotgun slugs have some real power behind them and easily destroy the targets.

The key for larger caliber bullets (in this case, the shotgun slugs) is using a rifled barrel to help stabilize the flight path. Otherwise, such a large object might tumble end-for-end once released from the barrel.

If you’re into reloading and making your own ammunition, the idea of 3D printing your own ammo has got to intrigue you. But if nothing else, this just looks fun.

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3D-Printed Shotgun Slugs of the Future Will Blow Your Mind