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3D Printed German Gun Fires What? [VIDEO]

Leave it to the Germans to create a gun that custom-makes it’s own ammunition.

If this thing fired anything other that paper airplanes, it’d be terrifying.

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The A-6 v1.0. That’s what this thing is called. And it’s all kinds of crazy. Through a complex series of gears, the A-6 folds paper into perfect airplane shape, and fires the resultant airplanes at a rate of about 1 per second.

Word is still out on the muzzle velocity.

We don’t have a lot of info about this particular gun or inventor, but we do know this:

1) He’s called Papierfliegerei. And he has an unsettling amount of youtube videos surrounding the making and launching of paper airplanes.

2) He fabricated the majority of the parts for this gun via the site through 3D printing, which is a hot-button issue in the gun world right now.

3) The gun itself makes an unholy screeching sound when it’s firing.

4) The screeching combined with the Papierfliegerei’s silent smiling throughout make the whole experience of watching the video much creepier than it should be.

We know this isn’t nearly as badass a gun as say, the Grizzly Magfed 5-round Shotgun, but still. Back in the day, this could have made math class go a whole lot faster.

If you could use 3d printing to make a homemade gun, would it fire paper, or lead? Let us know in the comments below.

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3D Printed German Gun Fires What? [VIDEO]