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3D-Printed Bullets? You Betcha

Like something out of science fiction, these guys have designed and produced their own 9mm 3D-printed bullets.

Watch as these innovators run off some 3D-printed bullets and test fire them on the range.

Check out their performance on paper and steel targets as they test out two different loads.

There was a ton of press coverage and media hype when the first 3D-printed gun was developed and test fired and now we have ammunition to follow. While the test was a little rough with the ammunition not able to cycle the pistol back into battery, this was just a preliminary trial. It really is just a matter of time before people start rolling out 3-D printed bullets that work almost flawlessly.

Interesting times are ahead to see where this goes with firearms and ammo being 3D-printed by anyone with enough resources and know-how to do it out of their own homes.


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3D-Printed Bullets? You Betcha