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Is the .375 H&H "Too Much Gun" For Hunting Impala? [VIDEO]

Is the .375 H&H "Too Much Gun" For Hunting Impala

Normally considered a dangerous game cartridge, the .375 H&H is popular among many hunters. Is it too much for hunting impala and other medium-sized game?

There is little doubt that the .375 H&H is a great choice for hunters pursuing thick skinned dangerous game such as buffalo and elephant.

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However, some hunters contend that the cartridge is "too much gun" for hunting impala and other thinned skinned, medium sized game.


Who says that the .375 H&H is strictly a dangerous game cartridge?

If you watch closely, the shot in the video (which was taken at nearly 200 yards) hit the impala slightly to the rear of what is considered ideal. The bullet nicked the back of the lungs, then hit the liver and stomach of the impala. However, the impala ran less than 50 yards before expiring, due in part to the fact that it was hit by such a large bullet.

Since the hunter used a 300 grain controlled expansion bullet, the shot did not ruin the cape of the impala, or result in lots of ruined, bloodshot meat that is often associated with using high powered cartridges on thin skinned game. This is about as close to a "win-win" scenario as it gets when choosing a hunting cartridge.

Using the right bullets (which is a very important consideration), the .375 H&H can be used to ethically hunt everything from the smallest duiker to the largest elephant without excessive damage to the meat or trophy of the animal.

If you're looking for the right choice on a "one gun" hunt in Africa or elsewhere in the world, the .375 H&H just might fit the bill.


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Is the .375 H&H "Too Much Gun" For Hunting Impala? [VIDEO]