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357 Magnum: Top 3 Choices for Self Defense, Hunting, and Training

Hunting, training, and self defense, the 357 Magnum can cover all three applications and leave you standing tall at the end of the mission.

You'll be surprised at how versatile the 357 Magnum is if you didn't know it already!

1. Self Defense
Underwood Ammo

Self defense is on everyones mind lately. Many different mass shootings have taken place and we want to know what cartridges in 357 Magnum is best to defend ourselves with. 357 Magnum enthusiasts can find this tricky but we narrowed it down to one bullet. The Underwood 125g XTP Jacketed Hollow Point. 1700 fps and 800 feet-per-pound of energy will surely stop most aggressive adults in their tracks.

2. Hunting

For those that are using the 357 Magnum cartridge to hunt with you will definitely want to consider another option. Most popular game can be hunted with a pistol. Yes, you have to get close but with the .357 Magnum you don't have to worry about following up a well placed shot to a vital organ. Should you decide to hunt with a 357Magnum, you should look at Lehigh Defense's Extreme Penetrator.

Out of a four-inch barrel Lehigh got 27 inches of penetration, which is pretty huge over other semi wad cutter bullets. This will take down wild hogs, deer, and other animals you might be on the hunt for. Imagine the penetration this could get out of a 16 inch Henry Big Boy Carbine.

3. Training

Lastly, we looked at what is best value for training. Often times we're quick to reach for the Winchester white box on the shelves but that might not always be the best priced. For training were looking at a the 357 Magnum cartridge that delivered the lowest cost and offered the traditional weight of 158 grains. In the training category steel cased ammo is often the most affordable and if you're not reloading (which most shooters are not), then it's a significant savings compared to brass jacketed cartridges.

Revolvers and lever action rifles will eat almost any ammo since they are not auto feeding and don't need to be picky about lubricity of the casings. Also training ammo is the kind you shoot the most of so volume is everything in this category. For volume, price, and bullet weight value I chose TulAmmo 357Magnum because it delivers the most value. Their advertised speed is 1200 feet per second, with 505 ft/lb of energy. For a training round, its hard to beat the price.

I recently purchased 1000 rounds for .25 cents a round. If your training budget allows for more then splurge on the premium brands. Like car fuel, ammunition has various potency and should definitely be used appropriately for the mission at hand. Remember when using steel ammo, you will need to do a little extra cleaning but nothing a quality solvent cant clean up nicely. Stay safe and keep training.


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357 Magnum: Top 3 Choices for Self Defense, Hunting, and Training