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350 Pound Marlin Jumps Into Anglers' Boat [VIDEO]

Blue marlin are difficult game fish to catch, so it's a big surprise when they jump into the boat.

That's what happened to these two offshore anglers who were reeling in a fighting marlin off the coast of the Dominican Republic. They were fishing from the Marlin Darlin, a 62-foot sport fishing yacht owned by the video's photographer, Bobby Jacobsen. He had his camera recording when the marlin jumped on deck nearly piercing the anglers with its sharp bill.

According to the video's description, the marlin died from injuries it sustained from the jump. Jacobsen and his crew release marlins after they catch them, but they gave this one to local fishermen. They said it weighed 350 pounds.

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Marlin are perhaps the most sought after saltwater game fish. They fight fast and hard when hooked. As you can see in the video, marlin jumps demonstrate incredible power.

Blue marlin are often caught in gulf waters near the Caribbean and Central America. Yesterday, we reported on an incredibly rare white marlin that was caught off the coast of Costa Rica in the Pacific Ocean. The anglers who made the catch snapped some spectacular photos of their fight with the rare fish.

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350 Pound Marlin Jumps Into Anglers' Boat [VIDEO]