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300Blk vs AK 7.62: Let's Settle the Debate

Everyone is looking for the unicorn rifle that can handle all applications.

Home defense, military use, hunting, and sporting competitors can all gain from the 300blk. How does it compare to the AK 7.62 x 39 cartridge?

Lots of specialty rounds have come and gone. The 300blk is increasing in popularity due to it's adaptability for suppressed fire and fast muzzle velocity. AK ammo is dramatically cheaper and the AK47 is usually a cheaper rifle to purchase. However, both rounds are relatively the same.

The bullets fired from the 300blk are similar to the AK 7.62. The speeds are close and the muzzle energy is close. They parallel each other very well and are minimally different in their speeds and foot pounds of energy.

The 300blk is a very capable round to use suppressed. Subsonic rounds are very useful and quiet to about 200 yards. The projectile can be heard tearing the paper upon impact. That's extremely silent. If you have an adjustable gas block that allows you to cycle the cartridge manually, you will hear the trigger reset more audibly than you would hear the round traveling through the air. Thats amazing and well worth the cost of ammo for some shooters.

Suppression is the key for the 300blk. To maximize your powder burn time you should entertain purchasing a 9-10 inch barrel to give you the minimum burn time in the barrel. The 300blk rifle platform allows you add many more features than the AK 7.62 does

The AK 7.62 does not offer you the amount of projectile choices that the 300blk does. Much more technology is being implemented into the ballistics of the 300blk and that clearly shows that the 300blk will far outpace the AK 7.62.

Here's the dilemma that beginner shooters must ask themselves. Is it better to go ahead and purchase a more budget friendly rifle, and get more affordable ammunition (The AK47 platform of course), or do they spend more money and get a rifle that has much more potential to grow with the shooter as they grow their skills (300Blk)?

I say it's cheaper to buy one good rifle that can cover as many uses as you intend, than it is to buy one individual rifle for each application. Ammunition choice is much more plentiful for 300Blk. You will have a happier time shooting your rifle when you have the choice of deciding which rounds will best fit your use at that moment.

Stay vigilant and keep a clear head of what rifle is best suited for your needs. You can't go wrong with either choice, but if you're arguing ballistics alone, I think the evaluation would be in favor of 300blk.

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300Blk vs AK 7.62: Let's Settle the Debate