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Over 300 Fishing Slaves Rescued from Indonesia This Week

All images via Dita Alangkara / AP

A recent investigation led to the unbelievable discovery and rescue of hundreds of fishing slaves being held captive in Indonesia.

During an investigation by the Associated Press, over 300 fishing slaves were found that had been forced against their will to work at a fishery on one of Indonesia’s remote desert islands.

fishing slaves 1

In an industry where slavery is unfortunately common, the investigation revealed that some of the fish caught by these fishing slaves had made their way to grocery stores in Europe and the United States.

The investigation by AP concluded that, not only hundreds, but thousands of slaves were being held in horrendous conditions.

fishing slaves 2


Most of the fishing slaves are from Myanmar, but some were brought through Thailand to the Indonesian fishing companies.

fishing slaves 3

In response to the AP report, officials from three countries this week went to a remote island of Indonesia to investigate how thousands of foreign fishermen wound up there as slaves and were forced to catch seafood that could eventually end up being exported to the United States and elsewhere.

Officials arrived at Pusaka Benjina Resources fishing company and asked for anyone who wished to leave to please raise their hand.

fishing slaves

320 men eagerly accepted the offer.

See the full report here for more details of the investigation.

All images via Dita Alangkara / AP

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Over 300 Fishing Slaves Rescued from Indonesia This Week