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300 Deer Await Their Fate After Wisconsin Farm CWD Case


A farm in Wisconsin is unsure of what to do with 300 deer that may have been exposed to CWD.

A case of chronic waste disease (CWD) has been confirmed in a doe that resided on a small deer farm in Fairchild, Wisconsin. Now the farm, in conjunction with officials, must figure out what to do with the other 300 deer being raised on the farm that may have been exposed to it as well.

CWD is an abnormal cellular protein that infects the central nervous system of deer. As it spreads throughout a deer’s body it infects normal proteins causing them to turn abnormal as well. This lethal and contagious disease causes deer and elk to act abnormally, lose control of their bodily functions, and causes massive weight loss.

Rick Vojtik who has owned and operated the farm for more than 10 years is baffled how any of his animals could have contracted the disease. He is hoping state inspectors will have more information as to how the doe could have contracted the disease and what will come next with the rest of the deer on his farm.

After the doe tested positive, both the Wisconsin DNR and Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer protection became involved. They quarantined the farm and banned the feeding and hunting of deer within a 10-mile radius while they investigate.

Dr. Paul Mcgraw the Wisconsin State Veterinarian said, “There are no plans yet. Nothing has been decided and we are very early in the investigation.”

The next step is to sit down with Vojik and go over all the records he has of the heard to look for clues as to where the CWD may have come from.

This is the first confirmed case of CWD in Eau Claire County area.

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300 Deer Await Their Fate After Wisconsin Farm CWD Case