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30 Things Fishermen Do Better Than Anyone Else

Flickr/Kim Seng

There are so many things fishermen do better than anyone else! Here are 30 of them.

Fishermen are great people for so many reasons. Here are 30 just off the top of my head.

1. We Can Drive

Fishermen can back up a truck and trailer like it’s nobody’s business. No matter if it’s onto the dock or into a small storage space, a fisherman can get a truck and trailer right where you need it, no matter how tight the squeeze.

2. We Aren’t Squeamish 

Have a creepy crawly thing living in your kitchen sink? A fisherman will get it. From maggots to fish guts, he’s not bothered by the slimy or scary and he’s used to handling gross things.

3. We Are Handy

If you’re not liking what you see on the scale, bring in a fisherman to fix it. He can make a scale say anything by shrinking or growing numbers to make it read what he wants.

4. We Are Scheduling Masters

Need to figure out how to free up some time in your schedule? Talk to a fisherman. They spend most Saturdays and Sundays on the water, so they know how to plan out their time.

5. We Are Warmblooded

What do fishermen do when the lakes freeze over? Ice fish. And they’re great at it. They’re out in the bitter wind and cold, and handle it like a pro.

Flickr/Moyan Brenn
Flickr/Moyan Brenn

6. We Are Like Compasses

Fishermen are great at navigating in the dark. They can get a boat across open water with little more than a spot light.

7. We Are Organized

One of the things fishermen do better is organize. A fisherman’s vest is filled with pockets-a-plenty, but they always know right where everything is. If you struggle with organization, have a fisherman have a go at your junk drawer or closet, they’ll get it in shape.

8. We Pay Attention to Cycles

Do you know the difference between a waxing and a waning moon? Do you know when the new moon is? If you’re a fisherman, you do. And you know how it impacts the tides and fish too.

9. We Are Patient

One of things fishermen do better than anyone else is sit. Just sit. Patiently.

10. We Are Observant

Fishermen know how to watch. If you’ve fished for any amount of time, you know the importance of never taking your eyes off your pole. Once you do, the fish are bound to start nibbling, and you’ve just missed out on your chance.

11. We Have Eagle Eyes

Lose a necklace in the sand? Searching for a needle in a haystack? A fisherman can help. They spend an exuberant amount of time looking in murky water for fish and their eyes can catch the smallest glimpse of an object.

12. We Are Amateur Meteorologists 

To some extent, all fishermen are weathermen. A fisherman can tell you with pretty damn good accuracy what the weather’s going to be like in the morning.

Flickr/Rex Boggs
Flickr/Rex Boggs

13. We Have Great Calves

Fishermen are great hikers. It’s amazing that a single person can haul a rod, tackle box, cooler and bait container through mud and muck and across mountains and through brush to get to their sweet spot.

14. We Are Human Barometers

Fisherman are by far the best human barometers. They feel the weather change in their bones. If a fisherman tells you it’s going to storm soon, you best start looking for shelter.

15. We Have Great Timing

Fishermen have to have good timing. They wait all day for a bite. Six hours in, a fish finally starts to nibble at the bait, but a good fisherman knows it’s still not time. He knows he needs to wait until the perfect moment when the timing is right before he can snag his fish.

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16. We Are Amateur Surgeons

Fishermen are amazing at digging out thorns. Heck, a thorn in the finger is nothing compared to a three pronged hook deep inside a musky.

17. We Tie Knots

This is obvious, but tying knots is one of the things fishermen do better than anyone else. They’re even better than boy scouts.

18. We Know When to Fight

Fishermen know how to wait. They know once you have a fish hooked, it’s not over. After all, the harder you fight, the harder you fish. The experienced fisherman knows you must wait out the fish, let it wear down, then go in and finish it off.

Flickr/Zach Dischner
Flickr/Zach Dischner

19. We Are Early Risers

If the early bird gets the worm, then the early fisherman gets the fish. Fishermen have no issue with getting up in the morning, even if it’s 4:30 am, as long as it means they’ll be on the water.

20. We Can Debone Like Nobody’s Business

Another obvious one, but nobody can debone a fish faster or more thoroughly than a fisherman.

21. We Are Appreciative 

You know the saying, “A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work.” A fisherman knows how to appreciate the day, even if there isn’t much catching going on.

22. We Are Meticulous

If your jewelry box is a mess and all your necklaces are in one giant heap, call in a fisherman. He’s used to untangling lines and getting things in good working order.

23. We Are Maps and GPSs and Compasses and Charts and Almanacs

Fishermen are natural navigators. They can find their way on water, even when there doesn’t seem to be any distinguishable landmarks to the naked eye.

24. We Look on the Bright Side

Nobody knows how to make the best out of a bad situation like a fisherman. He can spend all day in the cold, pouring rain and blinding wind, but by the end of it, he’ll feel as though he had a pretty good day fishing.

Flickr/Pedro Ribeiro Simoes
Flickr/Pedro Ribeiro Simoes

25. We Are Orators

Fishermen are the world’s best storytellers. Not only are they given a poetic license to stretch the truth, but they can turn the 15 seconds it took to reel in a fish into a 45 minute story, while still keeping you on the edge of your seat.

26. We Really Are Patient

Nobody has the patience of a fisherman. He can wait and wait and wait, watching the end of a pole for hours on end, and not complain one bit about doing it.

27. We Are Master Chefs

As you would expect, fishermen make great cooks. Most know 101 different ways to cook fish, from broiled to barbecued and can get them from river to dinner table in no time at all.

28. We Will Drink You Under the Table (Only With Beer)

Although they don’t like to brag, one of the other things fishermen do better than anyone else is drink beer. No matter if it’s high noon or sunset, a fisherman can put down a six pack with the best of them.

29. We Are Focused

Fishermen can concentrate. Although it’s a relaxing sport, fishing takes concentration. There’s weather to worry about, tides to consider, and water temperature that can impact how the fish are biting. When a fisherman seems to just be sitting there, he’s not. He’s thinking about all the different aspects and trying to use them to his advantage.

30. We Are Ladies’ Men

One of the final things fishermen do better than anyone else is please a woman. Fishermen are patient, knowledgeable and can organize your glove box. They don’t complain when you make them wait and they can help you cook. Oh, and they know how to handle a long pole better than anyone.


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30 Things Fishermen Do Better Than Anyone Else