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Over 30 Species Added to UN Conservation List

migratory animals given UN protection

The U.N. just added over 30 migratory species under their protection.

After six days of intense discussion in Ecuador, the United Nations has finally added 31 species to the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals.

Among those added were the polar bear, the beaked whale, three species of thresher sharks, hammerhead shark species, the silky shark, the red-fronted gazelle, and many more.

The species that have been added are considered key species to maintain their habitat and ecosystems. Since they are migratory animals, they affect and are affected by a variety of environments throughout the world.

Poaching, pollution, climate change, and over-exploitation all threaten these migratory species either directly or by affecting their food supplies.

Over 900 experts met for a six-day meeting to discuss this decision. In the end, all the species but one were added to the list for protection. Unfortunately, the African Lion did not have enough information gathered about the species to be added.

The U.N. encourages all countries to make their own efforts to protect their wildlife. Each country plays a large role in the future of many of these species. The next CMS meeting will be in 2017 and will be held in the Philippines.

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Over 30 Species Added to UN Conservation List