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30 Greatest Hunting Photos Taken by People Like Us [PICS]

These are the 30 greatest hunting photos you've ever seen from hunters like you and me.

greatest hunting pictures ever
Flickr/Kevin Squeak

Hunting is a never-ending and totally thrilling experience shared by people and animals around the world. These stunning photos from Flickr, capture the best moments of the hunt from all over the globe uploaded from hunters just like you and me.

Whether it is the picture of a special father and son bonding moment or a picture of a trophy-winning African kudu, each of these pictures shares a unique and memorable experience.

Check out the slideshow to see 30 of the greatest hunting photos taken by hunters next door.


Super Heavyweight

Flickr/John J. Schelling

Hunting in Wyoming


Kids and Dogs


Passing On Tradition

Flickr/USFWS Midwest

Getting the Job Done

Flickr/Mark Mathosian

Hunting in Colorado

Flickr/Cowgirl Jules

Hunting with Falcons

Flickr/Ed Brambley

Goose Hunting

Flickr/Jay Paradis

Pheasant Hunting with Dogs


Boar Hunting in the Tropics

Flickr/Michael Sale

Wild African Dogs Take Down Wildebeest


Moose Hunting

Flickr/Susan Drury

English Fox Hunt

Flickr/Beau Considine

Cheetahs on the Hunt

Flickr/David Bygott

Pheasant Hunting Harvest


Bird Dog Training

Flickr/Torrey Wiley

Trophy Hunting in Africa


Post Bear Hunt Celebrations

Flickr/Cowgirl Jules

Man's Best Friend


A Girl's First Shot

Flickr/MIKI Yoshihito

Railroad Rabbit Hunting


Father and Son Bonding

Flickr/USFWS Midwest

In the Moment


Inspirational Marine


10 Stunning Piebald Deer

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30 Greatest Hunting Photos Taken by People Like Us [PICS]