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30 Bear Pictures Guaranteed to Make You Smile [PICS]

Pinterest/Debbie Dunn

The softer side of bears…

When we hear the word “bear” we might think of hunting a big grizzly, bear attacks, or how we would never want to encounter one in the wild, at least not without a firearm handy

But like humans, or puppies, they have a soft side.

In no particular order, here are 30 bear pictures that will make you smile, warm your heart, and have you bear hugging someone before the end of the day.

30. The Homer Simpson “Doh!”

Cute Bear 7
Pinterest/Teachers Pay Teachers


29. How do I look?

Cute Bear 4
Pinterest/Natasa Kotlas


28. Ok, now give me miserable… Perfect, that’s the shot. 

Cute Bear 2
Pinterest/Diane S. Bailey


27. Nothing like a Mama bear hug.

Cute Bear 3
Pinterest/Funny Wildlife Tumblr


26. Back off man, I know Karate!

Cute Bear 1


25. We can do it!

Cute Bear 5
Pinterest/One Big Photo


24. Bear kisses.

Cute Bear 6


23. It’s on my face again, isn’t it?

Cute Bear 8
Pinterest/David Cartier


22. Red panda or red cat-bear.  It’s got “bear” in the name, and it’s definitely cute enough to make this list!

Cute Bear 9
Pinterest/Google Plus


21. Those eyes…

Cute Bear 10
Pinterest/Amanda Bussey


20. I was sitting in his tree-stand when he showed up … ah hah hah ha ha 

Cute Bear 11


19. Hi.

Cute Bear 12
Pinterest/Beauty in Everything


18. Hello there, little fella.

Cute Bear 13


17. Why would I get in the snow when I can ride Mom?

Cute Bear 14
Pinterest/Kelma Maters


16. Behave, you two.

Cute Bear 15
Pinterest/Debbie Dunn


15. Brothers don’t shake hands… Brothers gotta hug.

Cute Bear 16
Pinterest/Running With Spoons

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14. I’m pretty sure I can lift this… oops, maybe not.

Cute Bear 17
Pinterest/Flickr/Peter A. H


13. Did we just become best friends?

Cute Bear 18
Pinterest/Arborical Tumblr


12. He likes dancing and long walks on the beach. 

Cute Bear 19
Pinterest/Hair Styles Collection


11. What’s Mama looking at?

Cute Bear 20
All Bear Pictures


10. That’s close enough, Mom.

Cute Bear 21
All Bear


9. Mini-me.

Cute Bear 22
All Bear Pictures


8. Let me just give this thing here a little nibble…

Cute Bear 23
All Bear Pictures


7. We might have a winner with this little guy.

Cute Bear 24
All Bear Pictures


6. More bear hugs.

Cute Bear 25
All Bear Pictures


5. I know it’s Monday George, but you have to stop rolling around on the ground. 

Cute Bear 26


4. Dis how we pway?

Cute Bear 28


3. Well that just smells lovely. 

Cute Bear 29
Pinterest/Laiken Lawson


2. … and I’m stuck.

Cute Bear 30
Pinterest/Tamara Tomazolli


1. Who doesn’t like to play in the snow?

Cute Bear 27


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30 Bear Pictures Guaranteed to Make You Smile [PICS]