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3-Year-Old Fishing Stud Nabs 27-Inch Pike with a Tree Branch Pole

Star Tribune

A young Minnetonka fisherman only needed a tree branch, a jig, and grandpa to haul in a big pike!

WhenTyler Albersman left home to do a little fishing with his family he forgot his usual go-to gear: his trusty Mickey Mouse pole. Enter grandpa Dave Albersman and his ingenuity.

Grandpa Dave said, “We were staying at Muskego Point Resort on Lake Vermilion. Because Tyler’s rod was forgotten, I fashioned a fishing pole for him from a tree branch, tying on a 4-foot line, a jig, and a pencil bobber.”

Tyler, being the family fish-getter that he is, responded by latching into every Lake Vermilion sunfish within reach, but something else was hungry that day…

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Since Tyler and grandpa Dave were fishing off the dock that day, it seemed like the other destitute fishermen on Lake vermilion would have a better chance to fill their creel with some big ones that day.

They don’t know Tyler Albersman very well, do they?

The very next time that Tyler’s pencil style bobber disappeared he would find himself in a desperate life-and-death struggle with one of Minnesota’s most fearsome creatures- the hungry, eat-anything northern pike. (Okay, maybe not desperate, but just buy in for a minute)

Grandpa Dave was aghast: “It was a northern! Tyler and I were paralyzed by the size of the fish. His dad grabbed the line and started to pull the fish in, quickly netting it as Tyler dropped the pole!”

When the smoke had cleared, Lake Vermilion was one northern pike short (until they released it) that day and the legend of Tyler Albersman had begun.

It’s not known whether or not any other fishermen in the area have given up when Tyler “T-Man” Albersman is on the lake, but we wouldn’t blame them if they did. Big congratulations and thanks to Tyler, grandpa Dave, and their family for sharing this great story with us!



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3-Year-Old Fishing Stud Nabs 27-Inch Pike with a Tree Branch Pole