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The 3 Whitetail Deer Senses Every Hunter Needs to Know

Have you ever been busted by a whitetail deer? You might want to familiarize yourself with their 3 senses.

The whitetail deer is the most popular game animal in North America. They have extremely keen senses that help them survive. The challenge of harvesting a mature buck is what brings hunters to the woods year after year.

In this video, Keith Warren identifies these three senses and talks about how you can overcome them.

Whitetail deer rely on their sense of sight, hearing, and smell to avoid potential predators. Of their three senses, eyesight is the one that they least depend on. Wearing good camouflage to blend with the surroundings, and keeping your movement to a minimum, will decrease your chances from being seen.

The most reliable sense a deer possesses is smell. They have a nose that can smell danger from hundreds of yards away. For that reason alone, hunters should always consider wind direction while hunting. Whether you are still, hunting via spot and stalk, or stand hunting, you want to keep the wind in your face as much as possible.

There are several scent products available on the market that can be used to minimize human odor. If a mature buck catches your scent, he will be gone before you even see him.

Don’t forget about a deer’s strong ability to hear. Their long ears are like radars, being able to detect the slightest noise. When walking to your stand location, try to sneak in like a ghost. Avoid wearing clothing that makes noises with every slight move, and pick up your feet when you walk.

If you can overcome a deer’s senses, you will see more deer and have a better chance for success. Don’t get discouraged if you get busted every once in a while.

When you are in the woods, the deer have the upper hand. They survive for a living!

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The 3 Whitetail Deer Senses Every Hunter Needs to Know