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3 Ways to Reel in a Fishing Partner for Life


Here are three ways for anglers to hook in their catch of a lifetime in the love department. 

Finding someone to share life with is already a challenge. Finding someone who also shares your love of fishing can be a more arduous task, especially if you live in an area where the outdoor industry is not wholly embraced. (I certainly know the feeling!)

If looking for "reel" love that leads to real love, here are three smart ways for fellow anglers to reel in a catch of a mate:

1. Host/organize a meet-up of like-minded anglers in your area

Finding people who share your love of fishing is quite challenging, especially if you live in a metropolis like New York City or busy town like Washington, D.C. Why not be bold and set up meet-ups locally to make the search for your fish-minded guy or gal easier?

This can be done online or with the help of local fishing organizations/charities. Set up meet-ups online or find a local fishing club, charity, or organization that hosts monthly meet-ups like "Beer Tie" to mix, mingle, and hit it off with others.

2. Visit your local outdoor store and meet someone there

What better place to find your match than at a store that caters to fishing? Meeting someone randomly and instantly hitting it off sounds like a dream by today's dating standards, but you never know who you may meet in a Bass Pro or Orvis aisle!  So why not charter to familiar waters and see what you can catch? Check out your local Cabela's, Bass Pro Shops, Orvis, Gander Mountain, or fly fishing shop. Who knows--you could land the catch of a lifetime you've been waiting for!

3. Ask friends to set you up with other anglers

In the age of "new" dating made possible by the Internet and phone applications, conventional dating is harder but not a lost art. If not striking gold with online dating due to lack of potential dates who like fishing, why not ask your friends to match you with other anglers they may know? They could have some greater insight and rule out whether or not this fellow angler could work. Ask and ye shall (maybe) receive!

Have you tried any of these methods and succeed? Mutual love of fishing not only is exciting, it leads to a lifetime of love. And yes, there are plenty of guys looking for women who love fishing and vice versa. Good luck catching the angler of your dreams, guys and gals!


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3 Ways to Reel in a Fishing Partner for Life