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3 Ways To Find a Taxidermist You Can Trust

Learn some good ways to find a taxidermist with these quick steps.

Towards the end of the hunting season, most of us have harvested game we hope to turn into home decor, and that typically involves a visit to a taxidermist. If you’ve been hunting for a while, odds are you already have a taxidermist or two that you know you can trust. That follows with the first rule to assuring good taxidermy: if you have found a business or individual who does good work, stick with them.

The reasons for this are simple: good taxidermists are hard to find. Not every listing in the yellow pages is trustworthy, and there’s nothing worse than coughing up a lot of money for a subpar finished product. Ultimately, it’s up to you to search out the best you have available.

In order to do that, you can take some of our suggestions.

1. Ask around

Hunters and anglers alike usually follow the first rule, and are often eager to share the information they have with others. Especially if you are new to your area, inquire with fellow outdoorsmen and women as to what businesses do the best work and charge the best prices.

2. Use the Web

Of course, the yellow pages comment from above is more than outdated, and the World Wide Web has taken over in terms of business listings and customer reviews. That has helped out the taxidermy industry, allowing for them to get in front of a wider audience and potential customer base. Use Web searches and online directories, as well as forums and social media sites to track down the businesses in your area worth looking into.

3. Choose wisely

Sometimes determining which taxidermist is the best involves some trial and error. Use the information and resources you gather to the best of your abilities, and inspect examples of past work to make sure you’re in for a satisfying experience. If you’ve never seen an example of a taxidermist’s work, it’s safe to say you should look elsewhere.

Keep in mind that deer mounts aren’t the only tasks taxidermists can complete. Fish, birds and other game are also able to be stuffed and mounted, so no matter what you were after, chances are it can be displayed proudly.

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3 Ways To Find a Taxidermist You Can Trust