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3 Ways to Convince Anti-Gunners That Firearms Aren't Bad

Misinformation constantly surrounds the firearms debate. Here are three ways to convince anti-gunners that all guns aren't bad. 

Firearms get a bad rap from those in gun control circles. Why? The mainstream media, politicians, and higher education heavily influence the landscape--but for the worse.

Those who are for disarmament say they are motivated to promote "gun safety" without taking away guns. Unless it's an AR-15 rifle, restricting magazine sizes, or imposing ineffective  universal background checks.

While the majority of anti-gunners appear to be lost causes, fear not--there should be a few individuals out there who are eager to learn more about firearms despite what is reported by the media.

Here are three ways to convince open-minded anti-gunners that firearms aren't bad:

1. Take them to the range

The best way to learn about firearms is to try them firsthand. A skeptical individual who isn't sure how a firearm works can best benefit from going to the range and learning firsthand from an expert.

Like anything in life, personal experience is the best way to understand firearms. Time on the range is the best way to expose newbies or those ambivalent about firearms to the industry. Once people have a first-hand experience surrounded by professional instructors who boast knowledge about firearms, their doubts will soon start to disappear. Range time must be consistent and frequent so as to polish your skills. Communicate to anti-gunners that responsible gun owners routinely practice and frequent the range.

Find an NRA-approved training near you. 

2. Have them read up on or meet people who stopped crime with guns

Many individuals in  anti-gun circles think stories of those who stop crime with their firearms are manufactured. To dispel this myth, point them to stories of someone who was able to thwart crime with the aid of their firearms.

Have them read about one Kentucky woman who shot her would-be attacker earlier this year as he tried to rob her in a parking lot. Tell them about Harvey Lembo, an elderly paralyzed Maine man who shot a home intruder who tried to steal his pain medication.

Also point out how a Chicago Uber driver prevented a mass shooting because he was conceal carrying while on duty. There are countless examples out there of everyday heroes regularly assisting law enforcement curb crime, regardless of whether or not the media is giving them the proper attention.

3. Point them to historical examples of gun control failure

Need a sure way to get anti-gunners to think about the consequences of gun control? Point to historical examples of gun control and the consequences they wrought on those societies.

Millions of people behind the Iron Curtain and their satellite countries across the globe last century relied on gun control to control, oppress, and terrorize people. If it failed abroad, gun control can certainly--and has certainly--failed here in the United States. When people are left defenseless, crime will ensue. Emphasize this point to your anti-gunner friends.

Using these three points, I hope the anti-gunners in your circles could learn a thing or two about the firearms industry and the good work it does. Education is the key to changing hearts and minds!


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3 Ways to Convince Anti-Gunners That Firearms Aren't Bad