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3 Ways to Field Dress Quail [VIDEO]

field dress quail

These are some amazingly quick and easy methods to field dress quail.

Like with most any game, there are countless ways to field dress quail. Most hunters simply use the method that our fathers or grandfathers taught us to field dress quail or any other game. But there is a better way.

If you hunt quail, you need to see this video of longtime hunter Dan Priest of AZ Quail showing us three super easy ways to field dress quail.

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There you have it. Three simple, quick, easy and mess-free ways to field dress a quail. And all you need is a pair of scissors.

Quail season is still on for much of the country, and a few quail can make an excellent meal. Now that you know these three ways to field dress quail, go give them a try.

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3 Ways to Field Dress Quail [VIDEO]