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3 Videos That Show the True Nature of Polar Bears


Is there any reason to fear polar bears? After all, aren’t they really just gigantic stuffed animals that live in the Arctic?

We all know polar bears are white, and we all know they live up north. Way up north. And perhaps we’ve all heard tales of their amazing size and brute strength. That white, fluffy fur just doesn’t strike an image of fear into our hearts like say the cape buffalo or the grizzly bear. So is the polar bear cuddly or deadly? Well to answer the question once and for all, let’s take a look at some great video to see the true nature of this giant albino with claws and fangs.

Let’s start with a beautiful bear out for a cruise along the icebergs. Oh look, a friendly seal. Not one for confrontation, this polar bear will obviously leave the seal in peace and go about his frolicking.

Diabolical! Did you see the way he snuck a peak? That was creepy! A very close call for the seal and a fun game of cat and mouse for the bear. It’s plain to see that the bear was just playing with the seal and having a good laugh at his terrified expense. Such a jokester. Let’s watch another video of this light-hearted game of nature tag.

I’m not sure what happened there. It looks like the bear accidently grabbed the seal and killed him. Clearly the icy ocean water clouded his vision and judgment. Sometimes those teeth are way sharper than we think they are. Oh well, I’m sure he feels embarrassed about it now. I hate it when that happens.

But hey, we’ve all been there before. Let’s give this cute, hairy oversized pillow the benefit of the doubt. I think this last video will finally prove how docile and loving these animals really are.

My dear lord!! That escalated quickly! It looked like someone spilled a bucket of red paint for crying out loud. Ok, ok I think that’s it. We can put this issue to rest. The polar bear is not a soft and cuddly teddy bear after all but instead a cunning, blood thirsty savage looking for breakfast, lunch and dinner 24/7. I don’t know about you but I’m sleeping with my rifle tonight. Sweet dreams!



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3 Videos That Show the True Nature of Polar Bears