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3 Tips for Summertime Bass Fishing That You Need ASAP

These tips for summertime bass are sure to up your game and give you the edge you need to land monster bass all summer long!

Been out a few times and still haven't caught anything? Try implementing these three tips and start reeling in the lunkers!

1. Nighttime is the right time

Top Summertime Bass Tips
2 AM - Summertime Largemouth

During the summer months, the waters in your local lake, pond, or river have the potential of reaching some very high temps. This tends to trigger fish into focusing their main feeding times either early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Most anglers know this and take advantage of the cooler temperature during those times of the day as well. To get away from the crowd and be more productive on the big bass in your waters, start fishing at night.

When I talk about night time bass fishing, I am talking about being in your favorite bass spot between 11 pm and 3 am. While these hours are likely to vary a little on your local lake, they have been my most productive time for targeting BIG bass.

If I am not fly fishing, large plastic baits are usually my number one choice. A 10-12-inch black worm weighted according to the depth you are fishing will get the job done nine times out of 10. However, if noticeable action is taking place on the surface then a horny toad rigged on a Texas style hook can produce some amazing results as well.

2. If you find the shade, you've got it made

Example of Thick Shoreline Cover

Remember, summertime heat can be a real killer. Not just for the fishermen, but also for the fish. Because of this you will find most bass either head for deep water or for cover during the heat of the day. Take advantage of this and be sure to target shady areas that have overhanging structure.

Under low lying tree limbs, floating or standing docks, and even parked boats can become refuge areas for bass seeking to beat the heat. If you are lucky enough to find a shady shoreline near a drop off then you have got it made!

3. Fast or slow, there is no in-between

Summertime is a great time focus on the speed of your retrieve. Obviously this will vary slightly depending on the style of bait that you choose to throw. However, I find that summertime bass like it coming in like a missile, or moving like snail. This makes summertime a great time for fishing finesse baits as well as faster moving crank and jerk baits.

My favorite finesse worm during this time has been the trick worm in watermelon red, while my favorite crank bait thus far has been Rapala's, Flat Rap. The greatest thing about both these baits is that they allow you to work the bait either very fast and erratic, or slow and steady. This is a huge bonus to these baits as it keeps you from swapping rods or lures in order to figure out what they are keyed in on.

Don't waste time. Get out there and give these tips a try in your local waters. We know you won't regret it!


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3 Tips for Summertime Bass Fishing That You Need ASAP