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3 Things We'd Change About Gun Companies [PICS]

Gun companies make the things we love, but being consumers of their products, we do have a few complaints.

We love guns. But sometimes the manufacturers could do things differently.

Here are three things we would change if it was up to us.

1. Products designed by lawyers, not gunsmiths. 

Guns today have heavy trigger pulls, too many safety mechanisms and soft steel barrels (in case someone blows up a gun with a bad handload). Gone are the days of your grandfather's all wood and heavy steel, tank-like guns.

Hammer safeties? Isn't the hammer being cocked before the shot and the safety? The below vintage Winchester 94 is all business without the happy lawyer add-ons.

Gun and Game

2. Where did all the nice stock wood go?

Even economy and military guns of yesteryear have some nice wood under that finish. Today's stock wood is generally the lowest grade or just plain synthetic is used. This old Russian Mosin Nagant military rifle has a stock that cleaned up well. Why can't my new rifle?

$rifles 014
XD Talk

3. All rifles are meant to have scopes.

The supplied iron sights (if any) are rudimentary at best. While we like scopes, we know scopes are not practical all the time. At close range, in blizzards and rain storms scopes become a hindrance. The best iron sights I have ever used were on an old Savage model 4C economy .22 caliber rifle. Ground hogs well over 100 yards away were an easy shot all day long.

Gun Auction


No hard feelings to our cherished gun companies. We still are your biggest customers, but we can still voice our thoughts. Do you have others?

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3 Things We'd Change About Gun Companies [PICS]