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3 Things to Do the Day Before Deer Season Opens

deer season opens
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Don’t forget to do these three things the day before deer season opens (at the latest). 

If deer season hasn’t opened in your state yet, it will be soon. Make sure you don’t forget these three things before the big day.

1. Organize the Essentials

Before you head out to the field on opening day, make sure you’ve got all your ducks in a row. It can be extremely frustrating trying to figure out where everything is on the morning of.

Know where your bow and release are, along with everything you’ll need, like your flashlight and knife. By keeping everything organized, you won’t have to worry about forgetting about something important (make sure you know where your license is!).

2. Set Expectations

This is an important thing to do before actually hunting. Be aware of what you are hunting and what you want to harvest. You can’t accomplish a goal if you don’t set one. Having expectations going into a hunting season is great, because you always have something to work towards.

3. Double-Check Your Bow

Give your bow a thorough look over. I’ve heard horror stories of guys not shooting their bow the last couple weeks leading up to deer season and arriving on stand opening morning with a pin loose, or a nocking loop overly worn.

In a perfect world, you will have done all these things weeks before season, but life gets busy and sometimes it becomes last minute. Get them done now, buckle in, and get ready to hit the stand.

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3 Things to Do the Day Before Deer Season Opens