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3 Technology Products You Need in Your Hunting Pack for Better Hunts

Technology is amazing. Use these three tools to improve your hunting pack and hopefully hunting success.

Technology is changing and being innovated all the time. Products like the BoneView SD card viewer, Poseidon portable charger, and Seek Thermal Compact are incredible pieces that can benefit you a lot. You can either be an old-school grump and miss out, or adapt and use the awesome technological advances to help your hunting.

These three products are amazing little devices that can make a big difference.

1. BoneView Trail Camera Viewer


You see the prices of some of the trail camera SD card viewers out there. They are proud of them, but they are handy.

BoneView has come out with a product that does all that they do and more, except this one plugs right into your phone. You can now swing by your camera on the way to your stand, swap camera cards, and then view all those monster bucks on your phone.

When you do get that stud buck on camera, you can then immediately save it to your phone and send it to your buddies for some bragging rights as well.

This makes your trail camera experience much more efficient and simple, allowing you to neatly organize and check cameras while gaining an advantage in the field as you lay out a plan to harvest that target buck this year.

A must-have, in my book.


2. Poseidon Portable Charger


Made by Dark Energy, the Poseidon portable charger has quickly become one of my favorite accessorizes in my hunting pack.

Most likely, you are going to have a phone on you at all times. Whether you are hunting with buddies or by yourself, a phone is a life saver. Your family also appreciates you having a phone on you so they can contact you in case of emergency and always know you are safe. And, let's be honest, a dead phone can lead to some boring hunts.

This portable charger doubles as an incredible flashlight and is waterproof. As if this weren't enough, there are also two USB ports.

The two USB ports may be the best feature of the Poseidon because while you are charging your phone, you can also be charging a GoPro or any other electronic accessory. If you are self-filming and have many electronics this is a game changer.


3. Seek Thermal CompactXR Thermal Imager

Seek Thermal

Now, this product is just flat out cool. Seek Thermal has a CompactXR thermal imager that connects with your phone and turns it into a thermal imaging unit.

This product has been super fun to play with. Not only is it very beneficial for predator hunting, you can use it for some great things in the whitetail woods. I have heard stories of people using them to check fields for deer before they walk to the stand so they don't ruin hunts.

The most effective way I have used mine is for game recovery. If you are tracking a deer and the night rolls in, the CompactXR does a great job of picking up a blood trail and seeing what is ahead of you so that you don't jump that bedded buck.


Technology is pretty amazing. I encourage you to use it to your benefit.

These products can only improve your chances.

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3 Technology Products You Need in Your Hunting Pack for Better Hunts