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3 Steps to Reload on the Fly Like a Pro


Phuc Long does another awesome reload video, this time with some heavy hitting AK gurus.

The first step to shooting and reloading like a pro is to have access to lots of awesome SBRs, and silencer equipment. I mean really, you can't go to the range with some amateur-type gear.

Follow these steps for reloading supremacy.

At the minimum you should be running Aimpoint's, Silencer Co suppressors, and Ultimak Rails if you're going to be using an AK. Otherwise, be sure to check yourself into the newbie lane and steer clear of the real shooters like Phuc Long and Travis Haley.

The second step to reloading like a pro is to always have your gear positioned appropriately so that if your lose your cognitive abilities to effectively use a weapon, you can quickly fumble your way into a rapid reload by using your outer extremities. Belt buckles, boots, mag pouches, heck even an empty magazine will work to make space for yet another magazine to be inserted in an empty rifle.

The third and final step to shooting like a pro is to make sure you practice your reloads in the most tactically-elite positions. The chicken wing, the heel to charging handle, and belt buckle reload are all techniques SOF operators try to quickly master. Sometimes doing these reloads while halo jumping and wearing scuba gear just isn't enough. If you feel like challenging yourself some more you can always reflector strap a mountain lion to your back. The added animal snarls and movement on your back should help elevate stress levels and really help test your gross motor skills under pressure.

Irony was the name of the game today. Be sure to get some real training, and make sure you practice safely with all weapons. Phuc, Travis, and Jim, would all be much more relieved if you did, I'm sure of it. Stay vigilant in your training and practice.

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3 Steps to Reload on the Fly Like a Pro