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3 Simple Tips to Decode a Rub Near You

buck rub

Here are some helpful tips on how you can learn more about a buck rub near you!

Have you ever looked at a rub and pictured a big 10-point rubbing his antlers all over it, only to watch a smaller buck working it day after day on your trail cam? Right, I thought so.

Here are some helpful tips the folks at Red Rated put together to help you guess the size of the buck in your neighborhood!

While people use many techniques to find the culprit for each rub, these three are tried and true. Oh, and setting up a few trail cams never hurt anyone, either.

When looking to hunt rubs, it is helpful to find an area where both new and old rubs are present. This way, you ensure that deer have been working that area for while and are not looking to shy away from it when it comes to shooting time.

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3 Simple Tips to Decode a Rub Near You