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3 Robbery Suspects Defeated By Colorado Concealed Carry Holder [VIDEO]

A concealed carry permit holder saved himself and his friends from armed robbery.

Three suspected armed robbers were shot outside of an Aurora, Colorado condominium complex on Friday night after attempting to target a concealed carry permit holder.

According to ABC7 News, two men were helping their friend move into Bayberry Condominiums at 11 p.m. when three robbers confronted them with a handgun and demanded their money. Two of the victims immediately reached into their pockets to retrieve any belongings that might be of interest to the robbers, but their friend had his own gun and decided to use it.

Police claimed that one of the victims of the robbery was concerned for his life and the lives of his friends, so he pulled his own gun and fired at each of the suspects in self-defense. The victim struck all three, leaving one dead and one critically injured. The third suspect had originally fled the scene but arrived at the hospital soon after to seek medical treatment for a gunshot wound to the shoulder. He is now in police custody for an unrelated charge, according to Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz.

All three suspects were between the ages of 16-20.

Authorities responded to a call placed by a concerned neighbor who heard gun shots. When the police arrived at the scene, the concealed carry permit holder had placed his gun on the ground.

District Attorney George Brauchler made an appearance at a news conference regarding the shooting, where he explained that Colorado’s self-defense laws permit the use of deadly force if the victim is believed to be in imminent danger.

“If you have a weapon on you and you are placed in imminent fear of serious bodily injury or death, you are entitled to defend yourself,” Brauchler said. “This is straight up regular common sense and statutorily codified self-defense.”

Metz claims that the three movers were very cooperative with the investigation and have been released without facing any charges, including the concealed carrier.

None of the movers’ names have been released and two of the three suspects have not yet been identified.

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3 Robbery Suspects Defeated By Colorado Concealed Carry Holder [VIDEO]