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3 Rifles Featured at the POF USA Booth for SHOT Show 2016

Andrew Aquino, Author

POF USA had arguably the best rifle platforms at SHOT Show 2016.

Patriot Ordinance Firearms featured three amazing new rifles for SHOT Show 2016. Their Renegade Plus, Revolution, and the P-300 chambered in .300 Win mag, are all show-stoppers.

Beginning with their Renegade Plus, the 5.56 rifle had some awesome new features that are being incorporated into their line of rifles. Beginning with the upper receiver, the rifle comes with a 3-gas port muzzle brake, and their proprietary piston driven gas system.

The Renegade also has six quick attachment points throughout the rifle to give you the most modular sling mount capability. The Renegade also features the new E² brass extractor feature that allows for a small amount of gas to push against the spent casing enhancing extraction ability. The E² feature has been tested extensively to ensure that the ejection capabilities of the bolt run flawlessly every time.

Continuing with the lower receiver, the Renegade comes with an ambidextrous bolt release, and an enhanced bolt catch. The safety lever is also ambidextrous and allows for a quick manipulation of the safety with both hands. The magazine well is oversized and flared to allow for a quick insertion of a magazine. The trigger guard is also oversized, and allows for quick usage with gloves. The bolt catch is also ambidextrous and can also be used with both hands. The total weight of the Renegade is 6.4 pounds unloaded, which is optimal for any troop on the ground or any shooter.

The second rifle featured at the POF booth was the Revolution. The Revolution has the same features as the Renegade, but also offers one special trick. The revolution is chamber in .308 NATO. The rifle weighs almost identical to the Renegade, and offers all of the .308 firepower you would expect. This rifle also features the E² extraction feature that will now become the standard for most POF rifles.

However, the real show-stopping carbine, at the POF USA booth was the P-300 chambered in 300 Win mag. After talking to the developers, I asked the rep why would anyone want a 300 Win mag, in an AR15 configuration. His response was classic "Why not?"

See the footage below to see how the P-300 is an insanely powerful rifle. Just remember that .300 Win mag, delivers 3500 feet per pound of energy to a target. That's more energy than the weight of some small compact vehicles.

Some people would claim that this rifle would deliver a lot of muzzle rise, however while looking at the video, you see there is absolutely zero muzzle rise. This rifle delivers so much firepower, that it pretty much covers every sniper, designated marksman, any long distance shooting needs that any one would need.

The POF booth had some of the best innovative technology for the AR15 rifle seen to date. POF's technology set themselves apart from the rest of the competition. I know it's way too early, but I already can't wait to see what POF come out in 2017 for us. Stay vigilant, and keep up to date on your favorite brands.

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3 Rifles Featured at the POF USA Booth for SHOT Show 2016