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3 Golden Retrievers Worth Their Weight in Gold [PICS]

Golden Retrievers love to hunt, enjoy swimming and may just save your life.

Dogs seem to have been man's companion for as long as we can remember. Early man probably first used the canine for security and protection. For the most part, the dog's role has reversed.

Even for breeds like the Golden Retriever, it appears a little part of their ancestor's role must still remain within.

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Their hunting partnerships have made them a go-to breed, but their natural instincts make them protectors of their owners more than anything else.

Let's look at a trio of Golden Retrievers that protected their owners in their time of need.


Golden Retriever
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On January 2, 2010, a young boy, Austin Forman, was nearly attacked by a cougar near his home in British Columbia.

Angel, the family's Golden Retriever, instinctively jumped in front of the boy when the cougar pounced. Angel's heroic actions allowed Austin to escape to the safety of his house where a call was made for help.

A constable quickly arrived and shot the attacking cougar. Although the dog suffered significant injuries, none of them were life-threatening and she made a full recovery.

Angel was rewarded with several gifts, including a large steak.


Golden Retriever
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On March 2, 2014, Otis Orth was injured in a snowmobile accident while making a routine trip into town for supplies.

The injured Orth was unable to move his arms or legs after the accident and remained in a snow-filled ravine for 32 hours. His Golden Retriever, Amber, stayed by his side and provided much needed warmth.

On the second day, Orth encouraged Amber to intercept some riders he heard approaching on their snowmachines. Amber chased the riders until the two brothers stopped and returned to investigate Orth's, seemingly abandoned, snowmachine.

Amber led the men to the injured rider and he soon received much needed medical attention.


Golden Retriever
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On October 30, 2010, Paul Horton was paralyzed after a mountain bike accident near Lake Travis in central Texas.

His Golden Retriever, Yogi, remained by his side until his owner insisted he go home. Yogi returned to the top of the trail where he intercepted two hikers that knew the normally happy dog and his owner.

Concerned by his agitation and barking, the hikers followed the dog back to the injured Horton. Yogi remained by his owner's side even after help arrived.

Yogi was named the 2011 Valor Dog of the Year by the Humane Society of the United States.

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3 Golden Retrievers Worth Their Weight in Gold [PICS]