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3 Reasons You Should Be Tying Your Own Flies

Why buy flies when you can tie your own and feel that sense of accomplishment when you land your first brown with a hand-tied fly?

I know, I know, as if you need another hobby. But fly tying is more than a hobby, it’s actually a fairly resourceful way to save money on your fishing habit.

Tack on the two other reasons below and you could a fairly good case to your spouse for wanting to pick up a bench, table, and fly tying materials.

First, learn a little bit about the flies you need for the fish you want to get on at the Cabela’s Tackle Shop. Then follow it knowing these three reasons why you should be tying your own flies.

1. Save yourself money

How many times have you taken a new midge out and on the third or fourth cast, and immediately lost it in a tree or under a riverbed rock? Unfortunately, losing lures and flies is just the name of the game when it comes to fishing, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the same fly if you can tie your own.

hand-tied flies
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By tying your own flies, you essentially are ensuring a lifetime supply of that specific fly since as time goes on, you’ll only become more efficient at tying them yourself. If you don’t live in an area with an awesome specialty fly tying shop, you probably spend a whole lot of money ordering flies online. Add on shipping costs and taxes, and that’s one expensive package. By tying your own, all you need to do is head to the craft store or Cabela’s and pick up some materials that will last you, if chosen wisely, for the entirety of your fly tying endeavors.

2. Create your own hybrids

No fly tying company will intimately know the area you regularly fish like you or your buddies do, so why rely on others when you’re face to face with the hatch every year? Fly tying gives you the unique ability to customize your flies to exactly what is moving around on the water’s surface, while also taking into account specific weather conditions to ensure your fly stands out to fish.


The ability to be creative when fly tying is one of the most popular reasons many pick up fly tying. By customizing midges or wooly buggers to mimic exactly what insects are moving about, you’re increasing your chances of catching those smart trout that are not only picky, but extremely receptive to when something is out of place.

3. The satisfaction of doing it yourself

There is no feeling like catching your first trout with a fly you’ve tied yourself. Yeah, it might take a week or two for you to get your patterns perfected, but when you finally feel the take and begin to work a trout toward you, that sense of accomplishment will outshine anything you’ve ever felt when fishing.

Photo via ginkandgasoline

Add that satisfaction to catching a fish on the fly you customized yourself, and this is one winning combo that can’t be beat no matter how hard you try.



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3 Reasons You Should Be Tying Your Own Flies