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3 Reasons You Need a Good Pair of Scissors in Your Med. Kit

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Learn why every med kit should have a pair of scissors this summer.

Scissors are often overlooked in many first aid kits. Scissors are handy for many reasons, but these three reasons will convince you why every med kit should have a pair because of their versatility.

1. Cutting power

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This might seem obvious, but scissors have many more uses than just cutting gauze and badges to the appropriate length. They are great for cutting away clothing to reach the injured areas and treat wounds faster and more efficiently. In survival situations, time is always of the essence and scissors will help you save time.

2. Great overall tool

Scissors are a very versatile piece of equipment that could come handy in array of survival situations. Need to cut something with precision? Use Scissors.  They are lightweight so putting them in a medical kit, isn't going to weigh down the pack.

Swiss Army Knives are one of the most trusted tools for adventures around the world and each pair has scissors on the knife, validating that scissors are important enough to make the cut for their small survival knife. It's safe to say a pair of good medical scissors have unlimited applications.

3. You'll be glad you have a pair

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Most people have had a point in their life where they wish a pair of scissors were nearby. Don't let that happen again and be sure to add good pair of scissors in your med. kit. You'll thank yourself later. The uses of scissors are simply endless and can help you adapt for any adverse situation.

Before you head out to the wilderness, be certain to put a pair of scissors in your pack and reap the rewards in a time of need. Preparation is always key.


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3 Reasons You Need a Good Pair of Scissors in Your Med. Kit